Racial stats


+ 1 to dex and int
+ 1 to reflex and will
speed 6

Balance 1
Bluff y
Climb y
Concentration 1
Decipher Script y
Diplomacy y
Disguise 1
Escape Artist 1
Gather Info 1
Handle Amimal y
Hide 1
Jump y
Knowledge Desert
Knowledge Dragon
Knowledge Dungeoneering y
Knowledge Geography 1
Knowledge History 1
Knowledge Magic 1
Knowledge Monster 1
Knowledge Nature y
Knowledge Religion y
Knowledge Shiekah 2
Learn 1
Listen y
Martial Lore y
Move Silently 1
Open Lock 1
Perform (instrument) 1
Ride y
Search y
Sense Motive 1
Spot 1
Survival y
Tumble y
Use Magic Device 1
Use Rope 1

Health starts 12
Number of Heart Pieces: 12
Hair: yellow(blond) or Platanum/white
eyes: red
weight: 120-180
Height: 5ft-6ft6in
size: medium
Language: Common, Shiekah, and Int mod – 1
Vision: Normal, low-light, darvision


Shiekah are the shadow people and protectors of the land/people. They are secretive and find difficulty in trusting outsiders of their race. Some think that they are extinct because their villages are self-sufficient and carefully hidden.

Shiekah usually have the shiekah symbol somewhere visible on their persons such examples are tattoos, and tabards with it sewn on. It is possible for it to be on jewelry too, but this is reserved for Shiekah in high positions of power (Impa could have a jewelry piece), those who are underage, or they must stay hidden for some reason.

All shiekah get a check on magically hidden things, magical disguises and hidden walls. Shiekah can speak to the Gossip stones, which are powerful magical artifacts that hold information. It takes the Song of the Lost to find non-visible stones.


LOZ: Unsean Threat Kickaft