The most common of all the races, Hylians can thrive in almost environments.


+ 1 to Dex and Con
+ 1 to Fortitude and Will
speed 6

Balance y
Bluff y
Climb y
Concentration y
Decipher Script y
Diplomacy y
Disguise y
Escape Artist 1
Gather Info y
Handle Animal y
Heal y
Jump y
Knowledge Desert
Knowledge Dragon
Knowledge Dungeoneering y
Knowledge Geography y
Knowledge History y
Knowledge Magic y
Knowledge Monster
Knowledge Nature
Knowledge Religion 1
Knowledge Shiekah
Learn 1
Listen 1
Martial Lore
Move Silently
Open Lock
Perform (instrument) 1
Ride 1
Search y
Sense Motive y
Spot y
Survival y
Tumble y
Use Magic Device 1
Use Rope 1

Health starts 12
number of heart pieces 12
Hair: any natural color
eyes: any natural color
weight: 120lb to 200 lb
Height 5ft 6in to 6ft 9in
size: medium
Language: common and Int mod – 1; except Shiekah
Vision: normal


Saved by the goddess Hylia from the demon Demise, Hylians have long pointed ears which gives them the ability to hear the will of the Golden Goddesses. After coming down from the clouds, the Hylians lost most of their history.

They are naturally suspicious of the red eyed Shiekah and pink eyed Gurudo because the color instinctual instills fear in them. Hylians from outside of Hyrule are not openly hostile toward Gurudo, but are toward Shiekah. Those from within Hyrule are hostile toward Gurudo and may or may not be hostile toward the Shiekah.


LOZ: Unsean Threat Kickaft