Combat clan minded women


+ 1 to Con and Cha
+ 1 to Fort and Reflex
Speed 6
Must be Female

Balance y
Bluff 1
Climb y
Concentration y
Decipher Script y
Diplomacy y
Disguise 1
Escape Artist 1
Forgery 2
Gather Info
Handle Animal y
Hide y
Intimidate y
Jump y
Knowledge Desert 1
Knowledge Dragon
Knowledge Dungeoneering
Knowledge Geography y
Knowledge History 1
Knowledge Magic y
Knowledge Monster y
Knowledge Nature
Knowledge Religion y
Knowledge Shiekah
Learn 1
Listen y
Martial Lore 1
Move Silently 1
Open Lock 1
Perform (instrument) 1
Ride y
Search 1
Sense Motive y
Spot y
Survival 1
Tumble y
Use Magic Device 1
Use Rope 1

Health starts 12
number of heart Pieces: 12
Hair: Red
eyes: pink, yellow, or gold
Weight: 110lb to 170lb
Height 5ft to 6ft
Size: Medium
Language: Common, Gerudo
Vision: Normal


Only the band in the Gerudo desert follows Gannondorf, but most of them have been/were brainwashed by the Twinrova. They are naturally tan and are always female. These warriors are clannish in nature and are hardworking. Earning their respect, especially for men, is not only dangerous but difficult.


LOZ: Unsean Threat Kickaft