'The Being'


‘The Being’ is a guide, at least for now.

Shiekah can only see ‘The Being’ and things that have been interacted with.

Haylians can hear, but not always what is being said. Sometimes it is the tone they hear, others it is general points in the message.

Gurredo can feel different aspects of ‘The Being’. They can feel ‘The Being’s’ emotional state, be touched by and rarely sense ‘The Being’s’ movement.

Zora’s sense ‘The Being’s’ movements and intent in those motions. It can be said that the zora read the wave of ‘The Being’s’ movements.

Gorrons read the pulse of ‘The Being’. They feel the pounding of footsteps, the strike of hands, the checking of breath.

‘The Being’ can change animal reactions at times. Depending upon the intellegence and evilness of the creature ‘The Being’ may be invisible to them or not.


'The Being'

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